About the course

Is data science a hype or reality? Do the Government Agencies, Business organization or any Institutions can navigate through the uncertainty of the modern complex world dynamics without analytics? This course will answer all your curious basic questions related Data Science and Analytics. It covers basic concept and how we can use Data Science and Analytics in our day to day life.


Created by: Asif

Who is this class for:

Anyone who are curious and want to learn basics of Data Science and its process. This is highly recommended to the aspiring Data Scientists and Data Science Manager

Languageবাংলা, Engligh, Malay
How To Pass • Competing minimum of 80% of the video lectures • Score minimum 80% in the quiz • 100% in final assignment • 20% Bonus on completion of Optional case studies
Competency Plan Data Science
Financial Support Currently No. But you can apply for support and we will try to arrange for you

What to do after completion

At Career

• You will have clear understanding on data science and the process of analytics • You can understand where do you stand today and what can be the next steps to achieve your goal in the Data Science

Next level guidance

Advance Data Schience